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Fantagians’ Got Talent

Sorry about the delaying and stuff, but here is the contest. It’s not going to be a giveaway, but I just feel like one simple draw shouldn’t be it to give person stuff… There has to be effort made into it, and yeah…. It’s going to be a contest.


The post I wrote like two hours ago is just like a “trailer”… That isn’t the contest post. This is!!!


So yeah… To join this contest, you must comment your username on Fantage. Non-bloggers are welcome to join too! So don’t feel left out, you are a part of this amzing blog too!


You must also reblog to your OWN blog to be eligable to enter.

Registration ends on Sunday-July 21, 2013.


Now lets go to the prizes. Are you excited? I made a poster for it, XD


There will be several rounds in this Fantagians Got Talent contest.

This is NOT based on how fortunate you are, but rather about your Talents and effort you put into this contest.

Extra Stuff:

first, second, and third participant to join +reblog gets a head start. So they can know the theme beforehand and have allot of time to prepare.

first liker gets the same benefit as above.


and… one last thing… For each round in the contest, the best work/entry will also get access to the next theme or round to have more time to prepare.


So that’s about it for Fantagians’ Got Talent, exclusively held here in Fantage Shines.




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